Saturday, November 12, 2011

Library and Archives Canada fought to keep us from knowing how shitty the RCMP behaved in the 60's

Newly declassified records from the early 1960s show that even as Tommy Douglas called for a probe of RCMP spying, the Mounties were actively investigating the national NDP leader's political sympathies.

Douglas pointed in April 1963 to the case of a Regina woman who was regularly interrogated by the RCMP, noting the top Mountie had dismissed her story as fiction. He pushed for a special Commons committee to look into the matter...

...Library and Archives Canada, which now holds the Douglas file, fought for six years to keep the pages secret. They were disclosed to The Canadian Press after a federal judge ordered the archives to review the nine-volume intelligence dossier with an eye to releasing more.

Wouldn't you just love to know the crap they are doing *now*?

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