Saturday, November 26, 2011

Harper and Co. shock no one with their archaic view of marijauna

That, and the Americans would never allow it, too much money invested in keeping it illegal.

CBCPrime Minister Stephen Harper says his government will never agree to the decriminalization of marijuana.

Harper's comments came Friday in Vancouver in response to a question at a brief news conference following an event at a downtown science centre.

"No, it will not happen under our government," Harper said. “We're very concerned about the spread of drugs in the country and the damage it's doing and as you know we have legislation before the House [of Commons] to crack down."

Stephen, just my word of advice. People have had *decades* of experience dealing with reactionary moves by government on this issue. All you will accomplish is generating more ill will towards you.

Of course you will fill jails, so you will feel just peachy about yourselves.

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