Monday, November 14, 2011

Marcus Gee talks down to the rest of Canada, hoping that will make them just *love* Toronto

Good luck with that Marcus...

What many Canadians feel for Toronto is like what some adolescent boys feel for a big brother. “He thinks he’s so big.” Most boys grow out of it. Canadians should, too.

Oh yes, that will go a long way to build respect for Toronto...but wait, there's more!

So why the resentment? If it isn’t Toronto’s overweening power that makes people hate the city, what does? Is it because Torontonians pretend their city is the centre of the universe?

That doesn’t wash. Most Torontonians think New York is the centre of the universe *.

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* and if that doesn't give Marcus a clue, nothing will. Toronto's love of NYC has given it Dundas Square, a crime against architecture if ever there was one.

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