Friday, November 11, 2011

Toronto's Ritz-Carlton Hotel (and others): Idiots of the Day

Every November, people fasten red poppy pins to their lapels in time for Remembrance Day.

But this year, some workplaces are objecting to the symbol, saying poppies don't conform to standards for workplace attire and should be displayed on coats and clothes worn outside of work hours instead.

That's the message that was sent to employers at Toronto's Ritz-Carlton Hotel, where employees received a letter stating, "the use of visual symbols to support causes (e.g. Ribbon, flag, pin Live your life braces etc) does not conform to our Corporate Standards for Professional Appearance."

Hotel staff told CBC News some employees were upset by the order, and by late afternoon on Nov. 9, the hotel's corporate policy regarding the Remembrance Day symbol was reversed.

People tend to *reverse* incredibly dumb rules..once they've been publicly shamed.

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