Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Rob Ford prefers Pinko leaning "fancy" business cards

"gold-coloured foil" awww, that's so pretty...

Rob Ford’s office produced several documents on Monday to justify the high price it pays for business cards printed by the mayor’s family printing business.

Office expenses filed on Friday showed that Mr. Ford’s office paid Deco Label & Tags $1,579.15 for 20,600 business cards, or seven cents for the first 15,000 and six cents for each additional card.

But the mayor prefers something fancier than the standard blue-and-white slip. Mr. Ford’s card features a City of Toronto logo stamped in gold-coloured foil and a city ward map on the back.

Best bullshit:

Adrienne Batra, the mayor’s press secretary, said Mr. Ford will pay for the cards out of his own pocket.

“He has no intention of letting the taxpayers of Toronto pay for this expense,” she said.

No, not after he got caught, probably not...

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