Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Quebec leads opposition to Harper and Co.'s vindictive crime bill

Harper, nobody likes you, except for your party and the deluded people you tricked into voting for you. The rest of us who remember Canada before your attempts to turn it into a cold, heartless land will not forget.

Quebec's justice minister called the federal government's omnibus crime bill a "Band-Aid solution" Tuesday and said his province will refuse to absorb the added costs associated with it.

Jean-Marc Fournier, testifying at the House of Commons justice and human rights committee, said Bill C-10 will wind up causing more crime, not less, because it is an unbalanced piece of legislation that doesn't focus enough on the rehabilitation of criminals, particularly young offenders.

He said the legislation is meant to put more people in jail and that will result in higher recidivism rates unless more is done to get at the root causes of criminality and to successfully reintegrate offenders into society so they can go on to lead productive lives.

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