Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Marcus Gee is now legally blind, thinks Toronto resembles Manhattan

Mr. Gee can always be counted upon to see, hear and wish things for Toronto that only exist in his feverish mind*.

The ‘Manhattanization’ of downtown Toronto

I know I know, but control yourselves and keep reading.

With thickets of new condominiums going up, and offices now coming hot on their heels, Toronto’s downtown is undergoing a kind of Manhattanization, its downtown becoming busier and livelier by the month. It is vital for the city to sustain that momentum, and a new report from the Canadian Urban Institute suggests how.

One wonders if he has ever even seen the real Manhattan...

* and it's not just him. Toronto is a city that so wants to be "world class" it is tearing itself down and rebuilding in a shadowy, dimly remembered version of actual world class cities, or at least the ones with sparkly tall buildings. A condo here (ok, more that just here), a office tower there. To Toronto, that's all it takes. No thought to people, city planning, nada.

All surface and no depth. Try visiting here, you'll see. There is nothing *to* see, beyond the Tower. Spend your vacation dollars wisely and visit the real New York.

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