Monday, April 04, 2011

Hundreds of Toronto men sorely tempted to rape as thoughtless women stage SlutWalk

Don't these women realize that only one misplaced push up bra stands between us and total anarchy?

A Toronto cop who warned women that dressing like sluts can attract sexual assault was reprimanded and underwent “further training,” Chief Bill Blair said Sunday.

Blair called Const. Michael Sanguinetti “inexperienced,” adding the officer uttered “something stupid and he’s apologized.”

The constable’s comment sparked outrage, prompting more than 1,500 protesters to stage a “SlutWalk” Sunday from Queen’s Park to police headquarters on College St.

“I don’t think the officer meant any offence,” added Blair.

What he meant was that it is the fault of women they get raped. You can't expect men to remain civilized in the face of such temptation?

The scary part is, some actually believe this. That makes them dangerous.

Check this post by a one Chelsea Fagan to see that this dangerous mindset is not just confined to men.

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