Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Top 10: Things Only Men (with an extremely limited experience of life) Can Do

The mental giants at (beta!) have set the world back many years with this one.

Holy fuck, this has to be one of the most in your face list of recent times.

The "men" behind this I assume have given up on sex, because after this no woman in her right mind would go anywhere never them...

No.10 - Go topless
No.9 - Hold our liquor
No.8 - Manscape (aka grow beards)
No.7 - Navigate spatially
No.6 - Shave our heads
No.5 - Play real sports
No.4 - Fertilize eggs
No.3 - Pee standing up
No.2 - F*** things
No.1 - Age well

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