Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Labatt shows its true colours in Montreal

Labatt is showing its true colours regarding its sponsorship of the pedestrian mall in the gay village in Montreal.

Seems the fascists at Labatt only want their beer to be sold in the area.

Free enterprise at work folks, Canadian style, where the monopoly is the norm.

St├ęphanie Dagenais didn't mind the Bud Light parasols and cups she was forced to use on her restaurant patio in Montreal's Gay Village.

It's when the brewery started telling her Bud Light had to go in those plastic cups that the manager of Kilo bristled.

"I think it's an aggressive way of doing a sponsorship," said Ms. Dagenais, who was forced to sell the beer under an exclusive deal struck between Labatt, which brews the beer in Canada, and the Gay Village business improvement group.

The business association sold the right to sell beer on 54 new patios along a stretch of Ste-Catherine Street to Labatt, part of a summer-long festival that will see cars banished from the street. Owners say the $100,000 deal came with minimum sales quotas for each bar and restaurant, including a healthy sample of Bud Light.

You can tell Labatt is full of shit by this statement:

A representative of the business group even suggested Bud Light is a popular beer among gays in the United States.

If someone can tell you that with a straight face, they are world class liars.

Read more here, cached, as the Globe and Mail has also become greedy and begun charging for their online articles.

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