Thursday, August 07, 2008

Avoiding Rogers DNS redirect

There seems to have been some development on the Rogers and their unethical DNS redirection front.

Via Michael Geist:

Written by Parkerjon on 2008-07-31 15:26:49
I got the following from an anonymous but embarrassed Rogers employee. They bowed to pressure (many larger companies complaining that their remote workers were affected): and that even poor Edward was harassed.

Alternate DNS server that avoids the redirect:

Apparently the engineers warned the marketing types... but the suits didn't listen.

Or you can try these:


Wyatt said...

I can not tell you how useful this is to me - I looked around when my service got hooked up in May and found nothing about this, and felt like a doomed-to-be-redirected customer. Firefox was near terminally crippled.

This has solved our problems. Thank you.

Paul said...

how do you implement this? I tried to put that ip address into tcpip properties, alternate dns server and got an error message "The combination of IP address and subnet mask is invalid"

protogenes said...

I'm told you only change the DNS server, not the TCPIP props.

Hope that helps.

alex said...

Love it, works like a charm.
Firefox is back in full power.

Shame on Rogers, shame!