Thursday, August 14, 2008

'Shut up!' Councillor Maria Augimeri, Toronto's dumbest politician

If this clip doesn't send local politicians and officials running for cover, distancing themselves from this extremely uncaring woman..then we're all screwed.

It does become clearer everyday that governments here, both local and provincial, have fucked up big time. Just never the one that's being's always some other department that's to blame.

And it just keeps on going...

Steps away from the massive propane blast that tore up her ward Sunday, local Councillor Maria Augimeri yesterday blew up at a constituent who questioned her commitment to the community, telling him to "shut up."

They broke into a shouting match after Tony Di Santo, 69, crashed a city news conference about a batch of asbestos discovered Tuesday evening at neighbourhood daycare and community centres.

Di Santo, president of the local Ancaster Ratepayers Association, stepped in front of the camera and forcefully demanded that Augimeri – who had just returned from an interrupted visit to Italy – attend a community meeting tonight instead of a city meeting scheduled for the same time.

He said the councillor's refusal to change her plans showed a blatant disregard for the residents and their tragic experience.

"If people have problems of a partisan nature they should not be using the death of a firefighter ... so shut up!" Augimeri yelled.

Yes, that will go a long way to dispel the feeling that officials here don't give a fuck.

If any so called elected official told me to shut up, I'd demand their that would happen.

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Questioned by reporters about her outburst, Ms. Augimeri boasted that she "would do it again in a heartbeat." That she is "very short-tempered" and that the man who raised the question "doesn't deserve my respect." This is what passes for political representation in Toronto.

Present during this sorry and juvenile rant was Councillor Shelly Carroll who suggested Ms. Augimeri's conduct was "regretable" but also "understandable" — apparently because the resident who asked the question did not agree with Ms. Augimeri's response to the crisis...

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Kemi said...

Thank GOD, the Olympics ain't here rite now. FOX News would have called it a terror attack! Can you imagine if we had beat Beijing. I live 6 blocks from the site and we were all tossed on the floor from our beds. WATCH MY VIDEO RESPONSE MOCKING THE LAWMAKER WHO TOLD A RESIDENT TO SHUT UP!She's NUTS!!!