Thursday, August 14, 2008

Propane explosion: how to question the politicians

The story coming out of politicians regarding the Toronto propane explosion is that it was a series of errors, that no one is to blame, that we shouldn't be pointing fingers.

Sorry guys, but you'd better get used to the fingers..

There is a meeting tonight for local residences and here is a primer for getting the officials to actually answer a question.

Without them telling you to "shut up" that is...

Best questions

Here are some questions it will be hard for a politician to deflect:

(1) "Why did no one listen to us, when we warned you this would happen?"

Because you live in a poorer neighbourhood, you're lucky we let you vote.

(2) "Who made the decision to approve this propane depot and are they here tonight?"

Sorry, but no one person or persons were involved..and even if there were, we couldn't possibly tell you.

(3) "Would you have lived across the street from this propane depot with your family?"

Fuck no, like I said, this neighbourhood doesn't really count. Where are the granite covered sidewalks?

(4) "If there were all these safeguards, why did it blow up?"

Shit happens, get over it.

(5) "Can you guarantee there won't be another propane depot on that site?"

Nope, not if we get offended a sweet deal.

(6) "How will you compensate us for our damages?"

You're lucky we are even meeting with you. Isn't that compensation enough?

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