Sunday, October 09, 2011

In Harper's Canada, "company officials" from Contemporary Security Canada are free from prosecution

The private security company awarded a controversial $21-million contract to do checkpoint screening inside the security perimeters at last year's G8 and G20 summits in Ontario has pleaded guilty to doing business without a licence ahead of the event...

...The Ontario Provincial Police laid a string of charges in March against CSC, including three counts of offering security services while not licensed, two counts of failing to ensure proper uniforms and one charge of hiring an unlicensed guard for the G20 and G8 summits. Many of its top executives were also charged.

The Crown dropped most of those charges — including the more than 20 against company officials — on Friday, telling the court that it was the RCMP that solicited CSC's business and granted the contract without considering bids from other, licensed Ontario security firms.

I'm sure there are lots of little people who can pay for the wrong doing of their, um, betters.

Isn't that the natural way of things? Uncharged "company officials" won't spill the beans.

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