Thursday, October 20, 2011

Some students at Keller High School in Texas are clueless on the concept of hate

Students at Keller High School say a Facebook page called "Abolish the GSA, Gay-Straight Alliance, at Keller High School" went up about a week ago. But it will soon be a part of the past.

While the person or persons who started it posted on the page that it is "not intend[ed] to be a hate group," it has certainly sparked controversy.

Oh you little angels, what did you intend?

many students said because of their Christianity, there should also be a "Straight Club" — another Facebook page that developed on this issue.

Mathew Murphy, a 15-year-old who spoke to News 8, didn't start the Straight Club page, but he supports what's on it.

"I think I'm standing up for my rights; if they want to call me a 'gay-basher,' you can call me a 'gay-basher,'" Murphy said. "But I just don't think it's right to be a homosexual."

And I don't think it's right to hide your hate behind a Bible, and call it a "right". Are we even?

Btw Master Murphy, that quote is part of your resume for the rest of your life. Enjoy.

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