Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Scientists cling to Witchcraft Dark Matter

I know I know, I'm not a scientist, but it does appear they thought up Dark Matter because they just don't understand it all yet.

Dark matter almost certainly exists - otherwise, galaxy clusters wouldn't have sufficient gravity to hold themselves together*. It was hoped dwarf galaxies could confirm the leading dark matter theories. But a new study has drawn a big, frustrating blank.

It will provide amusement for future readers of science: "Back in the early 21st century, Dark Matter was proposed much as the theory of the Ether was in the 19th century, as knowledge of the Universe was understandably more primitive. We of course now know...."

* there's so much wrong with this sentence as a piece of reasoning: Fairies must exist, as what else explains the lights at the end of the garden....

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