Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Harper and Co. deny any wrongdoing in release of "sensitive economic data" to 69 lucky, totally honest, individuals

What could possibly go wrong?

Federal officials disputed a report Monday that alleges dozens of government workers are needlessly granted access to sensitive economic data well ahead of their public release.

“It is important for certain ministers to receive information that impacts the economy in a timely fashion,” Andrew MacDougall, the deputy communications director at the Prime Minister’s office told CBC News Monday. “Our government does treat confidential data with extreme caution.”

MacDougall was responding to a request for comment by CBC on a Bloomberg report that says Statistics Canada sends economic releases such as employment data and inflation numbers to dozens of government workers and political aides well before the information is released publicly.

Citing access to information requests and interviews with individuals, the news agency says at least 69 people have access to a host of releases of official Canadian economic data.

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