Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Saskatchewan MP David Anderson: Offensive Conservative of the Day

This passes for wit and humour among conservatives...

A Conservative MP who posted an animated video on his website that uses the controversial phrase "talking Eskimo" has taken it down.

Saskatchewan MP David Anderson, parliamentary secretary for the Canadian Wheat Board, posted the video on his website to explain some farmers' opposition to the board. The video is generated from a website where users enter text and a computerized voice reads the text as a conversation between two characters. The video was later pulled off the website.

The script is meant to be a conversation between a fictional wheat board executive and a Saskatchewan wheat farmer who wants to sell his grain to a baker in Calgary.

"Slow down, young man. You are talking Eskimo," the executive tells him. "You cannot do those things in Saskatchewan."

"That seems kind of communist," the farmer says later.

"Watch your smart mouth, boy, or I will put your name on a list for an immediate audit by the board," the fictional executive says.

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