Friday, October 28, 2011

Conservative MP and Homophobe David Sweet bullsh*ts that It Gets Better

The reason it sometimes doesn't get better kids, is because of people like David Sweet.

A Conservative MP who once described homosexuality as a sin is refusing to explain his participation in a video honouring a gay teen who was bullied before his suicide.

The video featuring several Tory MPs has sparked a debate about the Harper government's approach toward gay rights and anti-discrimination measures.

David Sweet, who represents a southern Ontario riding, was once the president of the Christian men's organization Promise Keepers Canada. The Toronto Star asked Sweet if he felt homosexuality was a sin in a 2002 interview.

"Yes, absolutely," Sweet said at the time. "We take the Scriptures as the word of God. We look at homosexual behaviour and say that's not what's prescribed in the Scripture."

Not all bullies are children, they just play them in government.

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