Saturday, July 02, 2011

Obama's employment initiative: Keep cops busy busting marijuana smokers

President Barack Obama's stance on medical cannabis has been nebulous: As candidate, he said the drug war was a failure and that it was "appropriate" for doctors to prescribe pot to treat illnesses. As president, Obama's Justice Department said chasing after pot growers and users was a poor use of federal resources, even as the DEA continued to bust law-abiding medical marijuana providers and distributors.

For a few weeks now, activists have been waiting for Attorney General Eric Holder to "reclarify" exactly what the Justice Department plans to do about medical marijuana that is legal in some states yet illegal when it comes to the feds. In a memo dated June 29, Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole did just that: Marijuana is illegal, and the federal government can prosecute any user at any time for growing, selling, or transporting it, state law be damned, he wrote.

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