Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mayor Ford and his Neanderthals get their way over bikelanes

Another victory for the tiny minds that currently occupy City Hall.

Toronto city council voted on Wednesday to remove some downtown bicycle lanes.

They passed a motion to remove bike lanes on Jarvis Street and install a separated bike lane on the adjacent Sherbourne Street.

They also voted to scrub two bike lanes in the city's east end, on Birchmount Road and Pharmacy Avenue, while adding a bike lane to Dawes Road.

In place of the Jarvis Street bike lanes, the city will move on a plan to create a network of downtown bike lanes physically separated from vehicle traffic on streets that currently have only painted lanes.

Removing the Jarvis bike lanes and returning to a reversible fifth lane for vehicle traffic will cost about $200,000. The Jarvis Street bike lane, installed last year, cost about $59,000

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