Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sue-Ann Levy is a very mean spirited individual

Mayor Ford is purposing cuts to services. Some disagree.

Que Ms Levy and the nastiest keyboard this city has to offer...

She’s baaaaack!

You’ll be pleased to know that after spending five years nurturing the spoils of her $400,000 Atkinson Foundation grant, writing a book on her homeless friends and running for the NDP in a Toronto-Rosedale byelection last year, street nurse Saint Cathy Crowe is fighting back against the (Rob) Ford cuts.

In a widely distributed e-mail from her bully pulpit at the union-funded Toronto Disaster Relief Committee, Crowe warns her followers that “privatization, government deregulation and deep cuts to social spending” are the themes in the KPMG core service reviews.

It gets worse after that.

The reason the city's pinkos distrust the noble motives of the Ford Nation, is that it has spokespeople such as this.

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