Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunrise Propane explosion finally goes to trial

Took their fucking time about it, no?

The Ontario government’s court case against Sunrise Propane begins on Monday, more than three years after the company’s facility in northwest Toronto exploded, killing a worker and forcing thousands to flee their homes.

Sunrise employee Parminder Saini died in the explosion and firefighter Bob Leek suffered a fatal heart attack while battling the fire that followed. The blast sent up a fireball that could be seen across the city and forced the evacuation of 12,000 people from their Downsview neighbourhood homes.

The company faces several charges under provincial labour and environmental laws for its role in the Aug. 10, 2008, explosion that charged the lives of those who live near the fuel depot at 62 Murray Rd., in the area of Keele Street and Wilson Avenue.

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And let's not forget this little gem, from 'Shut up!' Councillor Maria Augimeri:

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