Thursday, January 12, 2012

Harper and Co. finally let their homophobia come to full flower

It's no secret Harper and Co. just *hated* having to legalize same sex marriage. Now they can get some revenge...

The government of Canada is reportedly arguing that thousands of same-sex couples who have travelled to this country to get married are not legally wed.

The Globe and Mail reported Thursday that the government is contending in a Toronto court case that non-Canadians gays and lesbians who have been married here since 2004 are only considered married under this country's laws if gay marriage is also recognized in their home country or state.

So if interracial marriage were illegal in their home country, they couldn't marry here? Or different religions?

The logic of this exposes our government's hatred, plain and simple.

Our conservative government is vile, vindictive and petty. And that's just their good qualities.

Read more here and here.

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