Monday, January 30, 2012

H&M rips off artist design

Tori LaConsay, painted a billboard in the US with the message You Look Nice Today to make residents in her town feel good about themselves.

A couple of days ago, she realised that H&M were selling towels, pillows and doormats with a similar design.

One message written in support of Tori LaConsay, from Georgia, Atlanta, said: "Your You Look Nice Today rug and pillow design has been stolen."

H&M's initial response denied copying the artwork: "H&M apologises if anyone thinks we have copied, which has never been our intention and not allowed.

Their bullshit:

"We have merely been inspired after seeing many different varieties of different text messages, to create something similar in a different font, with the use of the big and small brackets and the placement of the heart.

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