Friday, May 06, 2011

Mayor's calendar shows few appointments

Monday - Football practice

Tuesday - Avoid the media (insert vague policy statement here)

Wednesday - field calls from voters about who to demonize this week

Thursday - Dinner with shady business types

Friday - Take call from Stephen to coordinate strategies about who to demonize next week, then avoid the media until 5 PM...almost there....Bam! It's the weekend. I'm gone suckers!

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is facing questions about why his office is releasing so little information about his work schedule.

The mayor's most recent calendar — obtained by CBC News through a freedom of information request — shows limited activity and even some days which are entirely blank.

Best bullshit:

"Previously information had been given out," said the mayor's press secretary, "perhaps too much.

"We had complaints in our office too, from citizens who met with mayor wondering 'Why is my name on a very public calendar?' So we have to take steps to ensure we protect people's privacy."

Translation: You made public our shady underhanded meeting where we discussed how best to fuck over the Pinkos? How dare you!

Seriously, what the fuck are you talking about that you feel you have to hide your meeting with the Mayor?

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