Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rogers Cable offering free preview of Hunter's Porn - aka Wild TV

Hi, I'm an immense douchebag

The Mighty Chris Bracket (One Man, One Bow, Hundreds of Arrows - Endless Possibilities), garbed in camouflage and face paint, hunts birds with arrows.

He's so brave.

Our beloved cable provider, Rogers, is offering a free preview of "Wild TV (The Hunting & Fishing Network)", which is basically hunter's porn.

The animated gun shots (with added SFX) on their website is a nice subtle touch....

"They're such beautiful animals" says one hunter, standing over the dead body of a deer he has killed. He then warns us the horns "can be dangerous". Thank goodness, cause I know the incidents of vicious gangs of killer deers have been on the increase of late.

It seems to be overweight middle-aged white men (and some women) hunting down defenceless wild animals, using the latest hi-tech equipment.

And of course there are tasteful ads for hunting gear for women.

Hey Teressa Groenewald-Hagerman, maybe you can get your own show now...

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