Monday, April 26, 2010

Marcus Gee gets a public hard-on over tall buildings

Oooo, they're so...big

Marcus Gee, who single handedly wants Toronto converted into a concrete condo hell festooned with CCTV cameras, now sings the praises of high rises.

Though neighbours still complain about shadow impacts, traffic congestion and other often-imaginary problems with proposed tall buildings, Torontonians are coming to accept the merits of building into the heavens.

Ha, like they're given a choice? Silly neighbours, thinking they still have a say in their own neighbourhoods.

The thicket of downtown high-rises fits perfectly with the drive to promote urban “intensification,” planner-speak for packing people more closely together to save energy and counteract urban sprawl. The Aura project is right on the Yonge subway line, so thousands of people will be able to get around without their cars. It will bring new life to the tatty corner of Yonge and Gerrard and kick-start revitalization of the crummy Yonge Street strip.

Yup, pack 'em in.

To ease the city’s concerns, developer Michael La Brier agreed to set up a five-member panel with leading U.S. and local architects to review the tower’s design. The result is a sleek and handsome building that will cost about half a billion dollars. The tower will stand on a three-storey granite-and-glass podium with high-end stores such as Bed, Bath and Beyond. More than 97 per cent of the condos have been pre-sold, says Mr. La Brier, though if you have $17.5-million in your pocket, there is still a penthouse available.

That a developer can charge such a sum for a condo in Toronto is a sign of confidence in the city and its vibrant downtown.

It's fairly clear what type of people Marcus Gee deems suitable to live in downtown Toronto. The rest of you without "$17.5-million in your pocket", fuck off, move away and quit causing grief for those who wish to remake the city in their own image.

Uninspired and bland as that image may be.

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