Friday, April 02, 2010

Does God care if I'm a homophobic Bible thumbing pushy Christian?

God Hates You, he really does!

Woohoo! We can be intolerant cunts! It's in the Bible!

Does God care if I eat shellfish? Does God care if I don't kill my children for being disobedient?

If they aren't going to follow *all* God's cheery little rules, then why do they always zero in on the gay ones?

More Christians who can't seem to control their hatred, and want us all to join in too.

A large, electric-blue banner featuring an oddly tattooed youth and the question: “Does God care if I'm gay?” has been voluntarily removed by the Christian group behind the campaign after a flood of public complaints.

Bus Stop Bible Studies, whose stated mission is to put “God on every bus” in Canada, unveiled the ad on March 18 as part of an ongoing campaign featuring panels with twenty different “God questions” and a link to a website offering a corresponding answer to each. After receiving a number of complaints about the “Does God care...?” poster, the TTC sent the offending ad to its advertising review committee to evaluate whether the panels should remain posted. But, says TTC Director of Communications Brad Ross, "That point is moot now that Bus Stop Bible Studies has voluntarily decided to remove the ads."

One wishes groups like this would STFU and keep their Bible inspired bile to themselves, but on the other hand it is best these types are exposed for what they are.

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