Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Toronto Police: There are new G20 photos? Damn! Damn! Damn!

No need to wonder why police want photographing them made illegal...

The province's police watchdog is being given new photos of the arrest of Dorian Barton, who says police assaulted him during the G20 weekend, breaking his right arm and giving him a black eye.

The Special Investigations Unit looked into Barton's case, along with five others, but concluded in November there wasn't enough evidence to lay charges in any of them.

“Mr. Barton could not identify the officers involved in his arrest or fully explain how the injury occurred; nor was the remainder of the evidence capable of resolving these questions,” director Ian Scott said of the case at the time.

Now, new photos of Barton's arrest are surfacing. Just before Christmas, the 29-year-old received a phone call from hospital employee Andrew Wallace, who recognized him after reading about him in the Toronto Star. Wallace took photos of Barton's takedown at Queen's Park, the designated protest zone during the G20.

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