Friday, February 05, 2010

Second Life Digital Suicide?

Group message from within Second Life...

2day a well known x tribe boy and jungleboy DARRENJAMES has faked his own death to watch his friends and SL family suffer and to watch his own funeral. he posted in group his death details typed by his wife. Its a real shame that the only hospital in his RL area and police department have 0 records of any deaths today or road accidents, furthermore his wife login onto Second life to report his death hours later. My offical comment ; invite my [sic] to your RL funeral and i will piss on your grave u selfish tick


DarrenJames Whitfield: What a NUTJOB. My husband died. Too bad this lunatic doesn't know that hopitals and police DO NOT release details of death to anyone but family. Really mature to not show respect to someone who has passed.

[21:42] jenner Mistwalker: Taylor some advice ???
[21:42] jenner Mistwalker: Youre known for your good tolerance ?
[21:42] Garrett Ceriano: tolerance only goes so far jenner
[21:42] Garrett Ceriano: :)
[21:42] Taylor2 Spyker: well while darren is back creating more drama
[21:42] Taylor2 Spyker: sure
[21:43] Taylor2 Spyker: im trying but this fuck keeps posting in group
[21:43] jenner Mistwalker: Let this shit walk away from you dude
[21:43] Taylor2 Spyker: its anonying and it pisses me off that he can do this to his friends
[21:43] jenner Mistwalker: ban him
[21:43] Taylor2 Spyker: i have he keeps rejoining group
[21:43] Garrett Ceriano: can you permaban someone from and open group?
[21:43] Garrett Ceriano: nope
[21:43] Taylor2 Spyker: no
[21:43] jenner Mistwalker: what a cracking bore

Such is Second Life...

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