Friday, February 17, 2012

Harper and Co.: Science? We don't need no stinkin' science

Note to the outside world: we are not being governed by the brightest of lights here. Sad but true.

The Canadian government has been accused of "muzzling" its scientists.

Speakers at a major science meeting being held in Canada said communication of vital research on health and environment issues is being suppressed.

But one Canadian government department approached by the BBC said it held the communication of science as a priority.

Prof Thomas Pedersen, a senior scientist at the University of Victoria, said he believed there was a political motive in some cases.

"The Prime Minister (Stephen Harper) is keen to keep control of the message, I think to ensure that the government won't be embarrassed by scientific findings of its scientists that run counter to sound environmental stewardship," he said.

I suspect the federal government would prefer that its scientists don't discuss research that points out just how serious the climate change challenge is."”

The Canadian government recently withdrew from the Kyoto protocol to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

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