Thursday, February 16, 2012

Conservative MP Tom Lukiwski and Conservative Bullsh*t of the Day

Worried about the optics of wide-angle shots of empty seats in the House of Commons, a Conservative MP suggested Tuesday that broadcasting rules be changed on Fridays - at least - to focus only on the person speaking, to make for better television. Tom Lukiwski said he has heard concerns from colleagues that the empty seats picked up on camera make politicians look bad. "That kind of concerns a lot of members that it frankly doesn't look good for Parliament," he said. Friday is usually a light day in the House, as many MPs vacate Ottawa to return to their constituencies. A House of Commons committee reviewing the broadcasting rules this week heard from Parliament's chief informa-tion officer, who said wide-angle shots have been permitted since 1992 to provide some context for viewers at home. "You are on camera," Louis Bard told the committee. "If I have to focus on the chair and the member behind is sleeping, there's not much I can do."

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