Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Canada's public safety minister Vic Toews: Idiot of the Day

They are using the tired old, yet oh so successful "child porn" defence of a very bad bill.

Critics of a bill that would give law enforcement new powers to access Canadians' electronic communications are aligning themselves with child pornographers, Canada's public safety minister says.

"He can either stand with us or with the child pornographers," Vic Toews said of Liberal public safety critic Francis Scarpaleggia during question period on Monday, after Scarpaleggia asked about a bill expected to be tabled Tuesday.

Translation: Let us pass this very bad bill that will strip Canadians of even more rights and freedoms, or you're into kiddie porn.

Harper and Co.: Simple minded and hoping we all are too. As voters seem to think giving these reactionary thugs a majority was a good idea, perhaps we are...

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Michael Geist discusses the bill here

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