Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Defence Minister Peter MacKay: I did not have sexual relations with that helicopter

Whatever Peter.

Defence Minister Peter MacKay says it's not true that a search and rescue helicopter was retasked to pick him up at a fishing resort and drop him off at a Gander, N.L., airport in 2010.

Facing renewed questions in the House of Commons Monday, MacKay repeated his assertion that he left a vacation to go to work. Emails released last week show MacKay's staff requested the helicopter flight to get him to the airport in Gander faster than the two hours it would have taken to travel by boat and car.

"Any suggestion that there was a retasking or a diversion of search and rescue aircraft from their actual tasking is simply untrue," MacKay said.

But he avoided answering questions about whether he misled the House when he said in September that he was on a Cormorant helicopter on July 9, 2010, to see a search and rescue demonstration.

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