Friday, December 09, 2011

Another school, this time Fort St. James Secondary School, forgets students are people

The principle seems to be suffering from tin pot syndrom.

A principal at a northern B.C. school is being criticized for administering a breathalyzer test to two students and suspending them despite an inconclusive result.

Fort St. James Secondary School student Janene Erickson said that after she and a friend arrived back late from lunch on Wednesday the principal pulled them aside and demanded they take a breathalyzer.

"He grabbed us because our eyes were glossy and we were chewing gum, so he thought we were trying to hide the smell of alcohol I guess," she said.

Erickson said she had not been drinking and her eyes were glossy from being outside in the cold.

But after she blew an inconclusive result on the breathalyzer and her friend blew two error results and the lowest possible measure of 0.01, Young still suspended the pair from school.

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