Friday, October 23, 2009

Screw a camera on every corner, how 'bout one of these?

Titan the Robot is the stage name of any one of a number of human dancers who perform dressed in an android costume created by Cyberstein Robots Ltd in 2004.

The costume is approximately 2.2 metres (7' 3") tall and 47 kg (7.5 st) and increases to 350 kg (55 st) including the performer and onboard equipment. It was designed by Nik Fielding, who runs Cyberstein from Torquay, Devon, England. Titan has performed at a variety of public and private events, from the Commonwealth Games and Alton Towers to bar Mitzvahs and shopping centres. Titan has appeared on Channel 4 television and BBC Children In Need. When asked by The Times what skills potential performers would require, Nik Fielding replied "They’d need to be good at playing Xbox because that’s what it’s like in there."

In performance, Titan moves about freely in an open area and uses music and comedy to interact with spectators. Shows last for about 30 minutes and can be mixed with a walkabout.

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