Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Toronto Fashion Week: Who cares if animals suffer as long as we look *fabulous*!

Disgusting display of complete unconcern for animal suffering from Toronto Fashion Week:

Fur is back in style at Fashion Week

Damn, kids, if this season ain't my season. IZMA kicked off Fashion Week on Sunday with armfuls of sustainable wild Canadian fur, and smooth expanses of sexy-ass leather to show off the animal awesomeness. It's a dangerous, super-sexy glamazon aesthetic that is often missing from Fashion Week, and I love it

But, but, the animals?

The world's finest furs - The NAFA Labels
Less that 5% of all the fur garments worldwide will be privileged to bear the NAFA Mink, Black NAFA, NAFA Fox or NAFA Northern labels. Expert senior technicians carefully hand grade each pelt, to examine it for imperfections and defects. Only the finest pelts can be awarded a NAFA quality label.

Oh well then...

Revolting. The "fashion" industry can go fuck themselves.

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