Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Canadians to Glenn Greenwald: Fuck You

How's that for free speech.

Blinkered idiocy comes from both sides of the political spectrum, this time Greenwald is upset with Canadian law. The article is just a "we're so much better" piece of American masturbation.

I thought we already had laws in place that could prevent Miss Colter from entering Canada, like laws against the importation of dangerous animals.

I've written many times before about the evils of "hate speech" laws that are prevalent in Canada and Europe -- people being fined, prosecuted and hauled before official tribunals for expressing political opinions which the State has prohibited and criminalized. I won't rehash those arguments here, but I do want to note a particularly creepy illustration of how these laws manifest. The far-right hatemonger Ann Coulter was invited by a campus conservative group to speak at the University of Ottawa, and the Vice Provost of that college sent Coulter a letter warning her that she may be subject to criminal prosecution if the views she expresses fall into the realm of prohibited viewpoints

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