Thursday, October 20, 2005

Chomsky named top intellectual

you so smart

, the American linguistics expert and US foreign policy critic, was named the world's top public intellectual, according to a new British magazine poll released.

The Psychotic Hour, The World's Favorite Radio Show™, once threw him out of a studio. Here's how!

Andrew McLelland from Tph: "Did you guys kick Noam Chomsky out of the studio at Concordia? Was I there? Was I sober?"

Chris Gobeil from Tph: "Actually it was just me who kicked him out. You hadn't arrived yet, but as I recall you were mildly outraged when you arrived and I told you I'd kicked Noam Chomsky out of the studio mere minutes before.
["You threw out Noam Chomsky!?" I believe was the exact quote.] I'm sure you didn't really believe me.

The story is this student was interviewing him and wanted to record the interview. The supply room at CRSG was locked so she couldn't get a portable, the radio station studio was in use so she came into our studio and asked if she could use it for an interview. This gnomish little man was trailing around after her looking sheepish. When I said we were busy using the studio and would be recording all evening she said "but this is Noam Chomsky!" I replied "well, we're The Psychotic Hour!"

After that they left, with Noam Chomsky still looking slightly embarrassed about it all.

Brush-offs with greatness, I guess...

What we should have done was had him to a character on the show in return for studio time....but he never returns our calls now.

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