Friday, April 06, 2012

Police in Moorhead, Minnesota: Scumbags of the Day

Stacy Knutson, a server at the Fryn' Pan Restaurant in Moorhead, got the tip back in November from a customer who left a takeout box inside the restaurant.

Knutson followed the customer out to parking lot and tried to give her the box but the woman told her to keep it. When Knutson opened it, she found $12,000 in cash.

Knutson, a mother of five, called local police and turned in the cash as lost property.

At first, police said the cash would be hers if it remained unclaimed for 60 days, according to the lawsuit Knutson filed against the department.

At the end of the 60 days, however, the department told Knutson she would have to wait another 30 days to get the money.

Then police told her she would not receive the money at all because it smelled of marijuana and had been seized under a state law.

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jamie-g said...

your right these criminals arrested me for reporting a theft by a local business, the grand inn of moorhead routinely robs his lower income customers by coming to their room and forcing them to leave for no reason whatsoever and the forgo police protect help , I was forced out of this hotel and called the moorhead police 5 times to report the robbery and they not only allowed him to force me out the police confiscated my proof a receipt which prooves he was lying he said I never paid, and the police badge 334 stole my receipt and I went to jail for abusing 911 cause the police of moorhead mn our incompetent and dangerous to this community

jamie-g said...

you thief who owns grand inn in moorhead you will not keep that money you stole from me this is your 2nd warning to pay it back now