Monday, May 10, 2010

Miranda Devine: Twidiot of the Day

Some technology should have adult supervision when used by children...

WRITE-before-you-think microblogging site Twitter produced another media scandal yesterday when Fairfax columnist Miranda Devine levelled what some interpreted as a homophobic slur.

Devine, who tweets as @mirandadevine, got involved in an online altercation with another Twitter user over her weekend newspaper column, which took as its topic the sacking of fellow Fairfax columnist Catherine Deveny.

Tweeter @justinbarbour said to Devine: "You've had enough of attacking the gays for now i see. great thanks."

Devine fired back: "You've had enough of rogering gerbils I see. great. thanks."

Devine subsequently deleted her "gerbils" tweet, causing @justinbarbour to promptly post a screenshot of it on Twitter.

It started a storm of comment, users creating a separate topic name "rogeringgerbils".

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