Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Revisionist History Strkes Again

The mayor of Montreal, Gerald Tremblay, announced - without consultation - that Montreal's 'Avenue du Parc' would be renamed 'Avenue Robert Bourassa.' The street has a lot of history and hosts some thriving communities, so feeling is rising high on the issue. A web-consulting company - that happens to be located on Avenue du Parc - put up an e-petition. When I first saw the thing they were aiming to collect 1000 'signatures.' It's grown so fast over the past day that they're now aiming for 20000. I keep getting emails from friends with a link to the petition and it seems to be growing by the minute."

I only just heard about this on Saturday. Who the fuck does Tremblay think he is? Bourassa? BooBoo Bourassa? A street named after him (?!), and of course it's one that had an English (sounding) name. Only bunkers should be named after old BooBoo.

There is an online petition here. It can only be signed by Montrealers, so tell any if you know any!

L'avenue de Parc est maintenant avenue de Robert BooBoo ? Jamais!

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