Monday, September 27, 2010

Griffintown and Devimco: Pretension, thy name is District Griffin

The Parade of Pretension that is condo advertising would be highly amusing if it didn't mask a very fucked up attitude.

“We could have called it Griffintown, but that wouldn’t be entirely true, as the Griffintown historical site encompasses a much larger area.”

Yes, true, fair enough, but you wanted to redevelop almost all of Griffintown and didn’t quite have all the cash for that so you have scaled back, but still want to be the major player for the area. We know what you would have called your “new” neighborhood and the signs say Phase 1.

We have seen much too much of this nonsense in Point Saint Charles with small scale projects that call themselves “Le Charles” or some such tripe. Do you really not get how much of an insult that is to locals? Oh, sorry, forgot that you don’t want there to be any locals. This reminds reminds me of Europeans discovering America – imagine how damned pissed off they must have been to discover there was already people here? People already live in Griffintown.

“The term “district” seemed to be appropriate. It was formerly home to a single industry, yet was always within reach of everything. Now it is THE District. An enclosed, autonomous area with it’s own shops and services, an enclave for those in the know.”

Enclosed? And in the know? What will the residents of “District Griffin” know that the rest of us will not? Sounds like you are building a little walled in city for the worst kind of snobs.

Condo advertising is built on snobbery.

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